The Logo

The Wellness First Travel & Tours logo was carefully crafted to represent what we do.

W is for Wellness. The teal colour represents an opening in the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken words. It is also creating an emotional balance and stability.

1 is the First in our logo. It means that we prioritize the wellness aspect in every vacation package that we propose. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea and is considered beneficial to the mind and body.

The Globe means that we offer a portfolio of wellness vacations all over the world.

The Circle covers the entire nature of energy in wellness.

The 2 Waves represent the harmony between mind & body and balance & stability.

As your personal lifestyle travel consultant, we will ensure that everything is organized for you, so you can enjoy a transformative experience during your healthy vacation.  

About Us

We are a full-service travel agency dedicated to wellness travel. Our priority is the search of a well-being state in everything we do.  We offer a range of vacation selection which focuses on all areas of holistic health and promote healthy, physical, mental, and spiritual lifestyle. We find escapes where it is possible to disconnect with today’s hectic lifestyle, where you will reconnect with yourself. Whether it is mountainside or oceanside, we’ll help you to define your goals and find the perfect getaway for your needs.

We have partnered with the best hotels & resorts and responsible enterprises on all continents to tailor-make your vacation. Discover beautiful locations, experience the best programs and treatments to return to your day-to-day rejuvenated and to continue your well-being journey.

Welcome from the Founder

I am Jocelyne Faucher, founder of Wellness First Travel & Tours. I would like to share with you how I came about to connect together my two passions in life, wellness and travel.
During my 25-year career as director of various companies in the travel industry, I had the chance to travel across Canada, the United States, several European countries, explored the Caribbean islands and sailed on amazing cruise and river ships.
It was challenging for me to combine travel, good eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle. For instance, each time I came back from a business trip or a vacation, I was feeling worse than before leaving, partly because of the food I had eaten and the weight I had gained during those trips. I’m now leaning towards a holistic lifestyle in all aspects of my life including my travelling and vacationing.
So welcome to my company website where I will introduce you to a new way of travelling by focusing on Wellness First.

Jocelyne Faucher

Master’s Degree – Tourism & Hospitality from University of Guelph
Member student of the Canadian Association Natural Nutritional Practioners (CANNP)